4 months and a lifetime to go…

loving the blue and orange.. especially the peacock feathers! Baby blankets or scarves.. yea they are that beautiful!

First off, why we think pregnancy is 9 months when really it’s 10, I just don’t understand!

Being six months pregnant has lead me on a wild goose chase. I’m chasing: comfort, air-conditioning, and emotional roller coasters. I’m on DAY #3 of practically crying over anything. It started off just welling up of tears when the pups were sweet or when I finished a book. Yesterday, it was dropping the man off at airport (he’ll be gone for a week, which really should be no big deal, but hey I’m hormonal!) and 100+ degrees outside. Today, it’s sitting on my yoga mat and tiny babies with their mommas at the farmers market. What can I say, something is moving through me!

I wouldn’t change a thing.. i wouldn’t trade feeling the movement of my son for comfort, luckily every place I go has A/C so it’s really just getting used to my new curvy body. Baby boy seems to very much dig when I teach (I assume it’s my melodic voice, commanding people to do more, try, and delve deeper) and he seems to love down dog and pigeon pose (while despising child’s pose immensely). Really, this experience has shown me the bounds of the human body.. do you know what it takes to bring life into the world? Bodies can expand and contract, can hold and grow the next generation of humans, and can nurture and care for someone they have never met. Yea, so I can’t do a backbend anymore or I feel winded when I go up-and-down the stairs too often, but it is so worth it. After all, I can rock some amazing curvy clinging dress and let baby boy’s movements be visible or I can stay home, eat watermelon, and read really bad chick lit… I’m pregnant and I can do what  makes me feel good (seriously this is the best permission slip I’ve ever had)!

What to expect now that I’m expecting:

YES, there will be pregnancy post, but I promise to keep it yoga related too!

YES, when baby boy shows up there will be at least a photo of him (especially when he gets big enough to show off his own yoga!)

YES, this blog is about MY life, including yoga, love, and now motherhood… if you don’t like it, then I’m sorry to see you go, but I enjoyed having you along for the ride:)

NO, I’m not planning on going crazy overboard with baby stuff, but some of my yogini mentors are momma yoginis too!

If you want straight up yoga, feel free to visit my biz-nas site Yoga Betty, there will be more straight up yoga  stuff (just avoid the prenatal/postnatal page😉  )… oh and there will be more Love and Yoga posts to come, after all this new adventure has just barely begun!


Help! I need some help…

Ok, so it’s not an emergency…

It’s really just a little bit of help, I promise! One of my summer goals (besides wrapping my head around the fact that in October, this hiccuping/kicking baby will be in my arms) is to put together some great music! Not just the same stuff I can’t stop dancing to in the kitchen these days (mostly Bob Marley, Arcade Fire, and the White Stripes.. that is).. but possibly some great songs others use/listen to in yoga class…

I’m looking for songs to get me energized.. and songs to mellow me the f’bombs out…

Your Mission (if you choose to accept it..):

  • Songs you just LOVE… can’t get enough of!
  • Music that pumps you up or mellows you out.. both are needed!
  • And of course if there are songs with beautiful words.. i’d love to know them!

I can’t wait to hear what you can’t stop listening to!!

~Lizzie Loo Who!

way too long

Oh my… it’s been so long and I’m sorry for that.. truly I am (honestly please forgive me, i’ve been a wee bit busy!)

Some things that have happened  since we lasted caught up:

  1. teaching a LOT of yoga.. like almost 10 privates a week! As in I’m teaching private yoga classes (not doing privates *wink wink*)
  2. spending time at the coffee shop, my little community, for social time, a bit of coffee, and their great A/C.. summer is here
  3. writing.. a ton! I’ve been on MindBodyGreen and did some webinars about studio-less teaching (and i’ll be in my first actual publication soon.. wahoo)
  4. in love.. with life and sooo much more..
  5. oh and yea, I’m almost 6 months pregnant.

itty-bitty baby bump!

So what does that mean? Well, I mean (if you don’t know how babies happen, please call your mom or ask your doctor immediately.. i don’t have the patience or time to really get into the details😛 )…. what it means is life is changing! After all isn’t that really the only things that is true, LIFE IS CHANGE. Nothing says that more than having human life growing inside you.

I’m taking more time outs, doing more yoga, sipping loads of lemonade, and taking it day by day…. which is a nice reminder that making plans can be futile. Each day is a nice reminder that I may feel energetic and ready to take on the world, while other days, I may just barely get a class taught before I go back to bed!

Life is precious, wonderful, and a gift… so how are  you going out and living it?

And while you’re at at it.. can you have a margarita for me😉 ?


What colors are you flying?


This is one of those ideas that came to me at 2AM, so if it isn’t funny to you or you find something offense about it, just keep in mind 2AM idea! And please turn your sense of humor on NOW!


Do you have yoga studio loyalty to ONE studio in your ‘hood? Perhaps you haven’t even fully checked out all the options that are available, I mean unless you in a small town, there’s gotta be a few studios. I had a conversation with a friend the other day, she works for a studio and rocks the unlimited pass to the same studio, and hasn’t check out the many options we have in this lovely city.. So do you rock your “Yoga Works” t-shirts and scowl at someone wearing a Laughing Lotus tee? Sounds to me like you are letting your yoga gang signs show! (yes I just compared studio loyalty to the likes of bloods and crypts, whatcha gonna do about it!)

Source: asuyeta.com via Katie on Pinterest

4 Signs you may need to get out and try something new:

  1. You pity a yoga teacher who has to teach at another studio.. after all if they were a better teacher then they wouldn’t need to add a few classes at “lesser” studios
  2. Avoiding meeting friends for a post class juice on the same block as another studio.. After all you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in that ‘hood!
  3. You only attend classes by the “leading teachers” at your studio. I mean if a class isn’t so packed that mats are practically stacked on top of each other, it isn’t worth your time going.
  4. You feel the need to wear your yoga studio tees to Whole Foods… Showing everyone where you get your down dog on (if this isn’t color flying, then I don’t want is!)

If you found yourself nodding in agreement to any of these, GET THEE TO A NEW STUDIO.. like PRONTO. Get you booty there TODAY and remember why yoga is a community, not a gang! After all, it’s a practice you can do at home or in the park, going to a studio is just an option…

Thanks for having a sense of humor!


ps… lo, if you’re reading this.. i couldn’t help but channel a little bit of you for this post..😉